Anna beim Fotografieren in Norwegen

About me

Anna von World Wide Weg

Nice to have you here!

I am Anna, enthusiastic about photography, especially when travelling and always looking for the next extraordinary photo motif.

My interest in photography has been growing ever since I bought my first SLR in 2008. While I was still photographing with a Canon EOS 450D back then, I switched to a full frame model, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Landscape and cityscape photography have become my favourite motifs in the last years. It doesn’t bother me to get up early when I’m travelling, if I can take a picture I’ve been dreaming of – without people and with a great lighting mood. My goal is to share my vision with every picture so that others can see the places the way I do: full of colour, beauty and emotion.

During my studies I learned how to create spherical HDR-panoramas. With this technique you can capture special places for eternity and visit them virtually over and over again, like the Cathedral Cove in New Zealand.

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Northern Lights Photoguide


The comprehensive photo guide for your Northern Lights photo trip! Available as ebook and printed – in German or English.

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Image licences

At Adobe Stock you can buy inexpensive licenses of my images in digital format.

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Wall prints

Since summer 2017 I offer a selection of my images (especially cityscapes) at Kollektion Wiedemann as large format murals. If you have an empty wall at your home and want to hang up a skyline in an impressive size there, this is your opportunity!

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Umbrella with 360° photo inside

Since 2016 you can buy some of my panoramas, like the Times Square, printed on an umbrella. Admittedly the price is quite high, but the umbrella is also very original and will certainly improve a rainy day!

This way to your umbrella